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Message Alert System (eAlert®)

This system allows you to receive email and text message alerts for all MTA agencies delivered to as many email addresses as you wish as well as to your cell phone in the form of text messages.

You can receive alerts for subways, buses, and commuter rail lines, as well as traffic alerts on MTA Bridges and Tunnels. In addition to signing up for real-time alerts, you can also choose to receive notices about Planned Service Changes, such as diversions caused by repair or maintenance work. If you only want to receive Planned Service Changes, without real-time alerts, you can choose this option as well. The system also now allows you to suspend all notices, such as when you are on vacation, without having to re-enter account information when you choose to re-activate.

Note: While the MTA provides this alert service free of charge, you may be responsible for the cost of received text messages from your cell phone carrier depending on your calling plan. See Sign-Up page for details.

We have recently changed our method of delivering text messages to your cell phone. If you notice any difference in timeliness of received text message alerts under this new system, please click the Email Alert Help button below and let us know.

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