Planned Work, QNS, Q114, Road Conditions on Brookville Blvd
Planned work: Effective Sunday, Jun 30 until further notice
Q114 LTD and local overnight Q114 buses will be detoured between 147 Av at Guy R Brewer Blvd and Brookville Blvd at Rockaway Blvd because of frequent tidal flooding on Brookville Blvd.

Buses will operate on Rockaway Blvd in both directions.

The stop on 147 Av at Guy R Brewer Blvd will be moved. Q114 buses will board on Guy R Brewer Blvd at 147 Av.

For service along 147 Av, take the Q111 bus instead.

Q114 stops discontinued in both directions:
Brookville Blvd at 148 Rd
Brookville Blvd at 147 Rd
147 Av at 228 St
147 Av at 225 St
147 Av at 182 St
147 Av at Guy R Brewer Blvd

Discontinued northbound Q114 stops:
147 Av at 232 St
147 Av at 230 Pl
147 Av at 222 St
147 Av at 184 St

Discontinued southbound Q114 stops:
147 Av at Springfield Ln
147 Av at 230 St
147 Av at 231 St
147 Av at 235 St

6/28/19 2:40 PM